Friday, 2 December 2011

We apologise for the delay

Leaves on the line (aka laziness) have recently caused a cessation in posts, but regular service shall soon be resuming (whether you like it or not!).

A brief update:

SPOOK Weekend: The usual shenanigans for the annual get together of Sheffield Postgraduate Occasional (old?) Orienteering Klubb. A bit of Orienteering, a lot of drinking, some football, some dancing and lots of hilarious happenings, few of which are broadcastable. I never normally get nervous, mainly as there's nothing to get nervous about, but being given a pint to down in the beer race as part of the SPOOK 1st team (one of the country's premier sporting establishments), I was bricking it. Despite not being on top form we thankfully won... just, courtesy of Mr. Northrop.
Classic SPOOK weekend (Emily Wood)

Fell Running: 2 races: Guisbrough 3 Tops late October, 5th, tired body, tired legs (but I did get to meet Daleside); Kirbymoor in the South Lakes, some top guys there (Addisons, Bell, Abdelnoor. Finished 13th, 3mins off 5th. Again tired and would like to be at the front of the group I was at the back of. Still got the descending though!
Guisbrough 3 Tops, top of the final descent (Dave Aspin) Maybe bigger shorts are required...
XC: Perversely I've enjoyed by 2 forays into XC in the NYSD (North Yorks South Durham) league so far this season. OK one wasn't very inspiring (4 laps of some sloping fields) but it's fun to gun it and actually race people (all too often in fell races I end up on my own). I've finished 8th in both my races - in the second one I helped the team to first place. It's also shown I do still have a sprint finish (albeit on that M50s can't handle, but it's a start).
NYSD Summerhill, Hartlepool, just before the sprint finish is unveiled! (Dave Aspin again)
Orienteering: Other than the excellent SPOOK Relays, It's been a bit quiet, a park race, a toddle round Ramsley Moor. The Tim Watkins Blodslitet Mass-start race on Silver Howe last weekend was really good fun though, long, rough and challenging, just as O should be!

Work: Is good, if leaving me a little tired every now and then.

A couple of races left this year, including my first 'road' race (shock!), I'm already into something which resembles winter training and I'm looking forward to making plans for next year (at the moment I want to do everything).
I'll leave you with this 'vision':

The return of the porno vest/uber porno shorts/headband combo at the SPOOK relays (Martin Ward)

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