Sunday, 15 January 2012


I never normally succumb but seem to have had more than my fair share since arriving in Teesside. Last week's was pretty rough but I managed to get through the week OK, our little cohort of newstarts (although we're no longer the new-starts) and a new choir kept me busy whilst I was of running - evening entertainment and a trip to Whitby were good, but with maybe a bit too much alcohol for optimum recovery.
acting every inch of my shoe-size.

Whitby Abbey

I lined up at Clay Bank East Fell race today to shake things out a bit. A couple of weeks ago I was really looking forward to pushing this and having a good race, but that was off the cards so I trotted round enjoying the frozen North York Moors. I managed to finish around 10th and pick up a few hopefully useful points in the Esk Valley winter series whilst maintaining an OK pace for an aching, tired body with old-man lungs, but it was frustrating to be able to see the leaders within range of me if I were healthy. Needless to say I declined the inner urges to race the afternoon's XC race, taking lots of photos instead.

Hoping I'm getting back to normal now and can pick up with the good training I was putting in before mucus got in the way. Edinburgh next weekend and the Kinder Trial the weekend after.

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