Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Knee injury of late, so I had to miss Black Combe and some Lakes O the other weekend - oh well, I had a swanky new pad to move in to.
My knee wasn't completely fixed but I was getting antsy from the lack of running (I even considered joining a gym. For all of 15 minutes) and headed down to Great Malvern with the intention of running the 2 Orienteering events down there - I was seeing Uni friends and helping out, but the lure of 2 UKCup races was too much to resist.

Saturday - Great Malvern Urban Race after several hours marshalling. Tired, leggy but knee held up OK. Made a few daft mistakes and it felt like a struggle all the way round. Off the pace but I know I'm better than this.
Sunday - Midland Champs, Foxley and Garnstone. Brambly, some silly silly mistakes due partly to tiredness and partly to getting back into 1:15k maps. A lesson.
Click for bigger images. The results for both can be found here.

 Lads Leap next week. I'm going into it with no form and very low expectations. There's (at least) 4 other English Champs races I'm doing in which I hope I can show myself what I can do.

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