Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Not been here for a while/Mountain Trial

Try and keep this a bit more updated now!

First off, a brief summary of goings on since April(?)... what I can remember anyway:

10km: 36:20 (Maske Victorian 10km), then 35:46 At Middlesbrough Tees Pride 10km. Wanted sub-35 but the summer wasn't really conducive, as...

Wasdale: 4:35ish. Borrowdale 3:36ish (great for the first 2 hours though!). Great Lakes 33rd in a champs race, feeling really good in the biblical weather conditions.

2nd on Bowfell class at the Saunders with Wil Spain. We had a nice trot around, drank Whiskey at overnight and only really raced an hour each day. a 26mins deficient on day 1 turned into a sprint finish at the end of the 2nd day between us and Jonny and Lewis, but them being poor student we let them win the beer ;).

Helped out on my first BG. Helping an emotional candidate round the last leg (had done leg 2 earlier) should prepare me for childbirth if nothing else!

Went Orienteering in Tallinn for a week, which was pretty epic.

Working my knackers off at work.

Anyway, main reason I'm back is I'm back Orienteering so need somewhere to post my maps!

Lake District Mountain Trial.

 Sunday's LDMT involved a tour around the Newlands Valley from Stair, taking in non of the summits - but many of the foothills - of Catbells, High Spy, Dale Head, Hindscarth, Robinson, Snockrigg, Sail, Crag Hill, Outerside and Causey Pike. It was cracking weather and I was glad to start fairly early so I didn't get too much sun. I started steady but was running well and making fairly good route choices, a slightly inopportune one to #6 and a daft one to #7. I was really pleased to finish 8th, albeit 40mins behind a flying Rhesus.
This was my first Moutain Trial and I'll be back! All the long races over the summer are obviously starting to pay off! However, I was glad that the course had been planned 'short' - I was finished in under 4 hours.

and a few more maps from the White Rose weekend I need to put somewhere...

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