Monday, 4 February 2013

Robin Hood

Not much going on at the moment. Had a few easier weeks after the heavy miles at the back end of 2012/Jan 2013, including my first stag do (why are people making me feel old!). I'm not racing much on the fells at the moment, just hoping to train well. I've got a lot of Orienteering lined up over the next 2 months, trying to ready myself for the big spring races.
Yesterday I ran at the Midland Champs at Sherwood Forest. I was a bit tired so couldn't get the legs turning over, but the nav was generally good and at a higher standard than last year -although this may have been due to not running very quickly!

Next weekend id the British Night Champs on Tankersley, Sheffield. I'm really looking forward to this, although it'll be very technical and there's plenty of scope for an epic to occur!

Well, that was boring. I really just wanted to host my quickroute somewhere...

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