Thursday, 14 July 2011

Ballbeard Farm

The parents were walking on Bleaklow this morning, so I got a lift and ran home from Snake Summit. It was a glorious morning and I managed to get plenty of photos. Went over Featherbed Top, down into Ashop Clough and up to the Pennine way before skirting around the west flank of Kinder, before heading up to the Sandy Heyes trig. Then took the Edge path to Kinder Low trig, over Brown Knoll, up South Head and onto Chinley Churn to find the farm. Found it, but unfortunately it didn't have a sign outside it that I could take a photo of - gutted!
Total time was 2:15, for 22.3km with a smidge under 500m of up. I'm look a bit like a crab-stick now! Here's my GPS trace.
 Small pine on Featherbed Top
 Mermaid's pool and the Resser - looking a bit low!
 Sorry mate, no Mars-bars today!
 Mount Famine

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