Tuesday, 19 July 2011

I'm Wearing the Cape, I'll make the Woosh Noises!

Today was my Graduation ceremony. After 4 years studying (OK, running, drinking beer and singing with a bit of work thrown in as a token gesture - the degree did cost me the thick end of £14k!) I graduated with a 2:1 (Honours) Undergraduate Masters (M.Biol.Sci) in Biochemisty and Microbiology from the University of Sheffield.
 I've been suffering with a stinking cold after the weekend and generally been feeling a bit crap, although I did manage to find a T-shirt with the legend "Don't follow me - I'm lost!" - very fitting after the weekend! Over the west of the Pennines it was pretty grim so we all wrapped up. However, once over in Sheffield the weather was cracking - a bit warm for a 3-piece suit with all the robe palarva on top!
I really enjoyed the day. OK, the ceremony itself was a bit dull, but a day with the family and friends, and taking some comedy photos more than made up for it.
Cheers! - A pint of Trashy Blond in Interval.

Typical Student...

You can call me BATMAN!

Mortarboard Frisbee

The Masters/PhD cohort - my hats's the one that's highest (I think).
I'm going to miss living in Sheffield - but hopefully not for too long!And no doubt I'll be a frequent visitor.

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