Sunday, 30 October 2011

OMM Day 1 - brief update

Heading out to a race in a bit, but here's a quick look at the overnight leaderboard:

Oli Johnson and Rob Baker appear to have dropped out, hope nothing too bad happened. As you can see Oleg Chepelin DNS'd (foot injury from Senior Home International Orienteering champs last weekend I believe) and has been replaced by Al Anthony - another good runner but maybe lacking the nav skills? We'll see!

Day 1 Results:

1     6:01:38   35  Tim Higginbottom & Chris Near                             
2     6:07:38   59  Douglas Tullie & John Rocke                               
3     6:07:57   63  Duncan Archer & Shane Ohly                                
4     6:09:01   62  Steve Birkinshaw & Jethro Lennox                          
5     6:17:12   57  Tom Owens & Alasdair Anthony                              
6     6:36:40   67  Hector Haines & Jack Wood      

Anyway, the close gaps between Tullie/Rocke, Archer/Ohly and Lennox/Birkenshaw may result in a train pushing each other along, which could make it difficult for Higgingbottom/Near to maintain their current lead.

In the other classes:
A-Class: Peter Hodgkinson and James Taylor have a 7 minute lead over the Bowns (who are down as Military so I may have got people mixed up!).
B-Class: Dave Schorah and Tom Beasant lead by 35 minutes from 2 Scandi pairings. Come on boys, pull your finger out!
C-Class: International Pot-hunters Andy Llewllyn and Rich Robinson have, as predicted, blown the field apart, made the (highly generous 1 hour) chasing start obsolete and lead by 71 minutes. Andy needs to realise that 'not fit' for him is still a pretty high level.
D-Class: MDOC's McCann father/son pairing of David and Alex lead the way by 2 minutes.

Anyway, must dash, race to run! More news as I get it!

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