Saturday, 13 August 2011

World Mountain Running Champs Trials, Witton Park.

I thought I'd head up to Blackburn to test myself against the best. We had a 12.9km, 500-odd course which was all runnable. 3 big loops, with a smaller loop of the top of the hill halfway through the 1st lap.
I was aware that I didn't want to set off too quickly, but looking at my splits to the top of the hill I suffered on the last 2 ascents, being more than a minute slower than my the first uphill. However I managed to gain time and ground on the fast tracky descents. Unfortunately my poor uphills meant I couldn't quite dip under the hour mark, finishing in 323nd (of 45) in 60.21, the race being won by James McMullan in 48:40 - so I was about 1min/km down on the frontrunners. The results from all races are here.
Lizzie Adams winning the Women's Senior race by 1min 30-odd.

ShUOC's own Bommy-T (on the right)

Your's truly enjoying it a bit too much at the end of lap 2. 

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